Benefits of aloe vera for external use

Aloe vera, properties for the skin

Aloe gel is an excellent vulnerary. It has antiseptic, bactericidal, anti-

aloe vera hoja sobre la piel para remedio quemadura
Remedy with aloe for burns on the wrist. Apply the aloe split in half so that the gel hydrates, soothes and heals

inflammatory and regenerating properties for the skin.

Aloe vera gel forms a layer on wounds that acts as a “natural skin barrier” and prevents the passage of germs. Moreover, its richness in tannins dries out the area and reduces suppurations. It also contains components that eliminate bacteria and fungi.

When used externally, aloe vera prevents infection, facilitates the regeneration capacity of damaged cells and reduces inflammation and pain.

Its regenerative capacity is fundamentally due to its power to increase blood flow in the area where it is applied, so that a greater blood supply produces greater cell renewal.

Components of aloe for the skin

The main healing agent of the skin are mucopolysaccharides or soluble fibers, which form a watery and gelatinous layer, acting as a natural barrier. The tannin complex that is dissolved acts as an astringent, dries and prevents the growth of bacteria on the skin.

Some studies claim that aloe vera contains aloeferon, anthraquinone and acemannan. Adequate properties in cell multiplication are attributed to alloferon, which increases the speed of skin healing. Anthraquinone has antiseptic properties, making it suitable for preventing infections. Acemannan manages to increase immunity so it is suitable for fighting bacteria, fungi and viruses.

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Contraindications of aloe vera remedies

However, it must be taken into account that it should only be applied to minor skin conditions, that is, those wounds, cuts, burns, etc. that are not very serious. Recent studies have shown that when applied to very deep or large wounds it can even aggravate them or prevent them from healing. Thus,

aloe vera leaves to buy
Photo of aloe vera leaves to buy. It is possible to obtain them fresh

among the main external applications of aloe vera are the following:

  • Burns: The healing power of aloe vera gel is applied to the healing of minor burns caused by radiation, hot water, oil, etc. It is refreshing and pain-relieving. It is also used as a sunscreen and burn regenerator, including those caused by exposure to the sun or sunburn.
  • Minor skin injuries: Cuts, grazes, wounds, bruises, sores, ulcers, that is why it is included in many skin care creams. Its healing power having been demonstrated in dermatitis (Apply 50% aloe cream for a month)
  • Psoriasis: Among the treatments where aloe vera has been most effective is psoriasis. If adequate treatment is maintained for about 30 days, the itching and skin plaques will decrease considerably. (Apply 0,5% aloe cream for one month).
  • Herpes: In the treatment of herpes, the use of aloe gel, aloe juice and especially aloe cream helps prevent wounds from becoming infected and, above all, soothes the affected area, reducing pain, burning and itching. In case of cold sores, pure aloe gel is especially indicated. 0.5% aloe cream is also used.
  • Frostbite: Apply the gel on the injury caused by frostbite.

Other remedies for external use of aloe gel

  • Oral health: The juice of the plant has a toning and astringent value. It is very useful in cases of gingivitis, mouth sores or other oral conditions (rinses with the plant gel diluted in water at 50%).
  • Styes: It is one of the best solutions for the treatment of styes. (It can be used directly on the skin, once the epidermis has been removed, in the form of plasters. There is also the possibility of crushing it, turning it into paste, once the fiber has been removed.) (Another possibility is to use the gel from the fresh leaves, which is obtained by cutting a leaf with a very sharp knife and, on the uncut  side, squeezing it until obtaining the liquid that can be applied to the skin.) (Apply aloe gel on the affected area)
  • Tonsillitis: We can also gargle with the plant gel diluted in water at 50% to combat tonsillitis.
  • Insect bites: Among the main insect bites we could mention fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, etc.

Aloe vera for hemorrhoids?

Some specialists consider that aloe vera, applied to external hemorrhoids, is very convenient to relieve pain and calm irritation. It is recommended to consult natural remedies for hemorrhoids.

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5 May, 2024

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