Wormwood properties


Properties of wormwood
Main healing properties of wormwood (Artemisia absinthium)

Wormwood components

  • Acids: ascorbic acid, chlorogenic acid, formic acid, nicotinic acid, palmitic acid, p-coumaric, salicylic, syringic, vanillic (Plant)
  • Vitamins: Vitamin A (beta carotene), vitamin C (leaves)
  • Sesquiterpenes: anabsinthin, absinthin, arthamaridin, arthamararidinine, arthamarinin, artbaquilicin, bisabolene, cadinene, camphene, (Plant)
  • Essential oil: Alfa-thujone, beta-thujone, cis-epoxyocimene, transsa-vynil acetate, crisantelina (leaves)
  • Monoterpenes: Pinene (Plant)
  • Colouring: chamazulene (leaves)
  • Alcohols: Thujyl-alcohol
  • Flavonoids: artemetin, artenisetin, routine, isoquercitrin (Plant)
  • Tannins (leaves)
  • Proteins (Seeds)
  • Sugars: inulobiose,
  • Propanoate (leaves)
  • Quebrachitol (Plant)

Useful parts: flowering tops and leaves.

Collection period: From summer to early fall.

Conservation: The collected material has to be dried in the shade and stored in bags away from dust.


Artemisia absinthium
Flowers and leaves of wormwood (Artemisia absinthium)

Wormwood is a good remedy for digestive problems

Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), being a very important bitter, has very suitable properties for the digestive system. Therefore it is used as a folk remedy to treat digestive abnormalities as the following:

  • Poor digestion: The bitter principles of this plant stimulate the production of the hormone gastrin, which produces a series of changes in the digestive system to digest food better. (See: Digestive properties of wormwood)
  • Flatulence: By means of a better digestion, flatulence caused by the decay of little digested food in the intestine is avoided. (Infusion of a teaspoon of dried plant per cup of water for 5 minutes. Take 2 cups a day without sweeten along the day)
  • Lack of appetite: Bitter principles stimulate appetite by acting on the hypothalamus and increasing stomach movements.These properties are very useful for those people who are undernourished or weak because they are not generally hungry, such as children with no appetite, people coming out of a period of convalescence or anorexics.(Infusion of half a teaspoon of flower tops per cup of water. Drink a cup 30 minutes before the two main meals) (Half a glass of absinthe wine before meals)
  • Liver malfunction: Its choleretic and cholagogue properties are appropriate in the treatment of liver diseases. (Wormwood for the liver)
  • Gallbladder problems: Useful for the treatment of inflammation of the gallbladder (Infusion half teaspoon of dried plant per cup of water for 15 minutes Take 1 small cup unsweetened before breakfast..
  • Jaundice: Absinthe is one of the best representatives of bitter remedies. Bitter plants have the ability to stimulate the liver and gallbladder, favoring the flow of bile and helping to improve the health of the liver and gallbladder.
    All this makes wormwood a good remedy for jaundice. (Infusion of a half tablespoon of dried leaves per liter of water. Take a cup fasting)
  • Intestinal worms: Flavonoid artemethin provides suitable properties to eliminate intestinal parasites. Alpha-absinthin and thujone are able to eliminate their larvae.
  • In this sense, wormwood has been used to eliminate intestinal worms (Crush the dried plant until it becomes powder. Take 1 gram a day sweetened with honey) (Dissolve 3 drops of essential oil in a glass of water) (take wormwood pills according to the prospectus conditions on sale in health food stores)
  • Halitosis: The strong aroma of wormwood can be useful for combating bad breath or halitosis. (Boil a flower top of wormwood in a glass of white wine. Strain and flavor with a few drops of lemon juice. Use as a mouthwash in the morning and then swallow the liquid)

Wormwood, a good help for problems of rheumatism

Wormwood has anti-inflammatory properties as a result of its richness in ascorbic acid, chlorogenic and salicylic acid, as well as rutin, arthemetin and flavonoids. On the other hand, we must not forget that this plant has diuretic properties, so it can increase production of liquids.

These properties determine that the preparations of this plant may be useful against the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis by reducing the accumulated fluid in joints and diminishing inflammation. This reduces pain and promotes the movement of people affected by these rheumatic diseases

(Infusion of half a teaspoon of dried plant per cup of water for 10 or 15 minutes. Take three cups a day sweetened)

External use preparations of this plant can be applied to sore joints (Infusion of a tablespoon of dried plant per liter of water. Apply wet compresses with the resulting liquid on the affected area)

This same preparation is appropriate to decrease pain and reduce inflammation in areas of the body sore or inflamed as a result of sprains, dislocations, tendinitis, fractures, muscle tears, etc.

Wormwood, a remedy for certain skin problems

Wormwood has fungicidal, bactericidal and vulnerary properties. This allows it to act as a good remedy for skin problems such as sores and wounds (Apply compresses with the liquid from the infusion of a spoonful of dried plant per liter of water)

  • Insect repellent: To prevent flies, mosquitoes and horseflies bite us, we can make an insect repellent mashing some fresh leaves of wormwood and adding to the dough a splash of apple cider vinegar. Subsequently the paste will be introduced in cheesecloth and scoured to the skin.
  • Repellent of fleas and moths: Wormwood has also been used to repel fleas and moths inside the houses. Place a sprig of wormwood between clothing

Wormwood is useful to treat anomalies of menstruation

Alpha-thujone and beta-thujone have emmenagogue properties, that is to say, they favor blood discharge during menstruation, therefore this plant can be used to treat certain menstrual abnormalities such as amenorrhea or temporary absence of menstruation and dysmenorrhea or irregular menses

(Infusion of a teaspoon of dried plant per liter of water for 5 minutes. Let stand 10 minutes and drink 2 cups a day seven days before menstruation)

Atención: Attention: Wormwood has abortifacient properties so the preparations of this plant should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation.Do not use in case of delayed menstruation because of a possible pregnancy since the active ingredients of this plant are absorbed through the skin and can cause abortions.

Wormwood, a tonic for the body

Wormwood, like other plants with bitter principles, has tonic properties for the body. Its use could be useful for reinvigorating the body and even reduce symptoms of depression.

In fact the dry powder on one half teaspoon of this plant has been used as a daily remedy. However, since this plant can be toxic by accumulation, it is best to go to other safer bitter foods.

Is wormwood safe?

Wormwood is not free of toxicity and contraindications should be taken into account before using this plant.

More information on wormwood.

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