Easy vegetarian chocolate recipes

How to use chocolate in the kitchen


Chocolate as an ingredient

Recipes with cocoa (Theobroma cacao) are very present in the kitchen of virtually everyone, as cocoa has become one of the most appreciated ingredients. With the cocoa beans the chocolate is made.

Cocoa seeds are used in many desserts and sweet preparations, but also in sauces like the traditional mole of Mexican cuisine.

Forms of cocoa presentation

In the market, there are different products that come from cocoa. Knowing them will help us to know this plant better and can also give us ideas about recipes that can be prepared with these ingredients:

  • Nibs of cacoa, which are fermented, roasted and ground seeds. They taste bitter and are very crispy.

  • Cocoa paste: Fermented seeds, ground and toasted.

  • Cocoa powder: Cocoa beans fermented, toasted, ground and sometimes defatted.

  • Cocoa butter: Blanquinous butter that is extracted from the cocoa paste.

  • Chocolate: prepared with cocoa paste, butter and sugar, in different proportions and with spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, or chili. Sometimes cocoa nibs are inserted into the tablet to give it a crunchy touch.

    Different by-products of cocoa
    Different by-products of cocoa: seeds, nibs, cocoa paste, cocoa powder, butter and chocolate.

Why to cook with cocoa and chocolate

Cooking with chocolate has many properties. Cocoa is energetic, stimulating, antioxidant and its consumption is very pleasant. It is rich in magnesium and flavonoids.

According to some studies, consumption of chocolate would help decrease hypertension. It seems that chocolate is also a good help for students because it is a good stimulant and improves cognitive abilities.

* More information: Properties of chocolate in the listing above

How to buy a good chocolate or cocoa

The only type of chocolate that has these properties is chocolate high in cocoa or pure cocoa, because of its richness in flavonoids. For this reason chocolates of at least 70% of cocoa or more must be consumed. It would be better to consume pure cocoa powder, to ensure a good contribution of its components.

Currently, there are many chocolate products on the market, but these do not correspond to the true taste and properties of this plant. Most chocolates and chocolate desserts contain a very low percentage in cocoa.

Cocoa powder for milk chocolate usually contains mainly sugar (70% of its composition) and very little cocoa.

etiquetas chocolate azucar ingredientes
Photo of chocolate labels, where it is noted that a "dark chocolate for baking" contains mainly sugar (1st ingredient listed). Chocolate 70% or higher is really cocoa-rich.

Which chocolate to buy

Dark chocolate is the one with the least added sugars and most antioxidants and flavonoids in the cocoa plant.

The basic tips for identifying what a real black chocolate are:

  • Read the ingredients: The first ingredient named must be the cocoa paste (ingredients are named from highest to least quantity).

  • Even if you read "dark chocolate" on the package, if it is not clearly stated "more than 70% cocoa the percentage in cocoa it contains is not specified, it probably is not really "dark chocolate".


recipes with chocolate
Healthy and easy recipes with chocolate


There are many recipes with cacao, here are some:

chocolate fruit skewers

Fruit skewers with dark chocolate

Dark flavoured chocolate

Dark flavoured chocolate

Homemade cocoa cream
Homemade cocoa cream

Brownie chocolate cake with goji berries
Chocolate brownie with goji berries

Walnuts dipped in chocolate
Walnuts dipped in chocolate

orange cake
Orange cake

chocolate dolls
Chocolate sweeties for boys and girls

pastel crudivegano de anacardos
Raw vegan cake of cashew nuts

Chocolate lollipops
Chocolate lollipops

chocolate sponge cake
Sponge cake filled with chocolate

chocolate coulant
Chocolate coulant

brownie without gluten
Gluten-free brownie

Gluten-free chocolate truffles
Gluten-free chocolate truffles

Tea truffles
Tea Truffles

Yogurt with raspberries and chocolate
Yogurt with raspberries and chocolate

carob chocolate
Carob chocolate.

punto rojo More information on cocoa and chocolate in the listing above

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