Diet for flushing


A proper diet will help to balance female hormones and reduce hot flashes. Adequate food in the perimenopause should take into account:

Non suitable food for hot flashes

- Avoid the stimulants: Coffee, the cola and other stimulants are responsible for increasing metabolism, which can aggravate hot flashes. Nor is adequate the ingestion of alcohol.

- Avoid fatty foods: You should take care of fat intake. Very greasy foods or sweets are responsible for the increase of weight that makes the hot flashes worse.

Suitable food for hot flashes

Instead of previous food, a diet based on vegetal natural foods will provide the suitable nutrients, will hydrate the organism and will provide those phytoestrogens which are deficient in women during this period.

Most prominent foods for hot flashes are soybean and kiwi.

Soy beans for hot flushes

Genistein, daidzein and other soy phytoestrogens may reduce the excess of estrogens produced in the body of women before menstruation, which are the responsible for bad mood, hot flushes, depressive symptoms or other problems associated with premenstrual syndrome.

Even more interesting than the cooked seed is the germinated seed, since, when germinated, phytoestrogen content increases much more, thereby increasing their properties.

Vitamin C for hot flushes

It has been verified that the food ingestion of food very rich in vitamin C or its supplements are positive in the treatment of the hot flushes.

Peppers are one of the plants in the world that contain more vitamin C. Citrus are also very rich (oranges, lemons, grapefruit, etc.). Other plants that contain this vitamin include cauliflowers, radishes brussels sprouts , spinach, bananas, apples, melons,carrots, pineapples, pears, papayas, barley, garlic, blackberries, celery, beans, strawberries, raspberries, currants, grapes, figs, chicory, blueberries, potatoes, avocados, soy, apples, pomegranates, coconuts, etc.

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