Overcome vomiting during chemotherapy

How to do diminish vomiting while doing chemo

Why is it so hard for people under chemotherapy to eat?

Overcoming vomiting and nausea from chemotherapy

In addition to vomiting and nausea, chemotherapy patients present problems of anorexia.

During chemotherapy, the main problems that may appear are lack of appetite, nervousness, or dry mouth.

How to eat during chemotherapy

We propose you some foods and plants that can help treat these disorders:

- It is important not to forget that a chemotherapy patient should drink plenty of liquids to help the toxins to be expelled. There have been cases of kidney failure in people with chemotherapy. A pattern of liquids intake has not to to be forgotten to drink enough.

The most recommended liquids are: apple juice, pear and apple juice, carrot juice or vegetable broth. At least, 2 liters of fluid a day.

Diet for chemotherapy

- Soft diet high in calories: Soft foods improve swallowing problems which will permit a chemotherapy patient to ingest more needed calories.

- Apple juice: Apple juice stimulates the production of saliva. (Drink natural apple juice during meals).

- Carrot juice: Carrot juice has the same properties than apple juice but it does not contain so much sugar and it is recommended if diarrhea. (Drink it during meals)

- Juice cubes: When a patient is thirsty and liquids make him/her to feel bad, cubes of peach juice, apple juice, or apple and carrot juice with pollen can be done. These are going to melt in the patient's mouth being a form of drinking.

- Place the chemotherapy patients out from odors: It is recommended to cook steamed fish, which produces less odor, and avoid fatty fish (oily fish such as tuna, mackerel, salmon, etc.). Always use potato or rice and olive oil as a staple diet. Add some protein food on the plate.

Food remedies for chemotherapy

- Use some medicinal plants preparation to avoid vomiting. Among them, the most important ones:

- Linden (Tilia x europaea) helps to treat stomach nerves and sleepiness. Medicinal baths with this plant is also a good relaxing remedy.

- Lemon verbena or cidrón (Lippia citriodora) is a well-tolerated digestive plant that helps to treat cramping and belly pain.

- Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) stimulates salivation. (Chew grains of cardamom before meals)

Infusion of lemon verbena
Infusions of lemon verbena help digest food

Avoid medicinal plants that can stimulate vomiting

Among them:

- Avoid chamomile tea: Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) is known for its calming effects, but it also has emetic properties. Chamomile infusions are not recommended during chemotherapy.

- Avoid mint tea: mint (Mentha spp.) infusions can cause gastritis and abdominal pain.

How to treat constipation and diarrhea from chemotherapy

Constipation can be due to side effects of morphine or Antiemetics. Diarrhea usually occurs when digestive mucosa is affected or when the diet is inadequate. The recommended foods are:

- Drink plenty of fluids (at least 2 liters a day) and dress with olive oil to moisturize and lubricate the intestines.

- Baked apples, applesauce and pear, boiled pear, quince: They contain soluble fiber (pectin) acting as regulator of the intestinal tract. These foods are very suitable for both diarrhea and constipation because they normalize the bowel habits.

- Prebiotics: If tolerated, it is advisable to take yogurt to help build healthy intestinal flora. If yogurt is not well tolerated, take vials of acid-lactic bacteria (purchased in pharmacies). DO NOT TAKE IN SOME CASES AS LEUKEMIA. Consult with your doctor.


After chemotherapy sessions, it is recommended a soft (easier to swallow) but very nutrient-rich diet.

You can not miss such nutritious foods as cereals or tubers (carbohydrates), egg, fish or cheese (protein) and olive oil (fat).

We propose you this example:

Crema de calabacín

- Cream of zucchini with 2 potatoes, 3 egg whites, zucchini, olive oil and a pinch of salt
- Apple and carrot juice for drink
- Pear and apple compote without added sugar

- In case of diarrhea: The most recommended are the astringent fresh fruits such as persimmons, cranberry juice and the juice of pomegranate. It will be suitable to drink a lot to compensate for the loss of fluids, preferably isotonic type drinks. Avoid dry foods like bread and increase the juicy foods such as fruits, jams, etc. In some cases it may be desirable to temporarily eliminate foods with gluten and milk because of their lactose content.

- Boiled rice for diarrhea: In case of diarrhea is very suitable boiled rice, unwashed, containing all its starch. Add to this preparation one or two garlics. We will take apples, pears, quince and compotes.

- In case of constipation, attention should be given to apples, pears, and quince compote, other fiber-rich foods like tubers: potato, carrots, green beans and squash. Other foods and remedies can be: Take a yogurt with bifidus, glycerin suppositories, or an abdominal massage.

If no digestive discomfort, we can add a little more oil to the preparations, oily fish and nuts (in moderate doses). Much hydration.

Food for dry skin caused by chemotherapy

- As for the eye care, the use of artificial tears may be necessary in many cases. In addition to these drops, we can use remedies for dry and itchy eyes. Among these we can use slices of cucumber or potato slices.

- Make high-liquid diets because of lack of saliva.

- Use skin creams lubricants that are purchased in pharmacies.

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