Foods rich in glutamine

Foods rich in glutamine

It should be borne in mind that foods consumed very cooked lose that amino acid, so it will prevail the consumption of raw foods or undercooked meats (in the case of non-vegetarian diets).

Dates are one of the fruits richest in glutamic acid, amino acid that the body converts into glutamine.

Among the foods that contain glutamine , we can point out the  following (from highest to lowest content):

Foods of animal origin with lot of glutamine

hard-boiled egg
Photo of hard egg. The egg is a good source of glutamine.
  • Eggs
  • Meat cooked properly: carpaccio, macerations and undercooked meat.
  • Fish macerated or cooked properly (in the case of raw fish: ceviche, sushi, etc. requires freezing for 48 hours to avoid possible contamination by anisakis)
  • Raw milk (not UHT or sterilized), and some dairy products.

Plant-based food with glutamine

Among the vegetable sources richest in glutamine, include:

Glutamine supplements

Although glutamine supplements can be taken, it is recommended to cover the needs of this amino acid through a balanced diet. In case of supplementation it is advisable to consult with the specialist doctor beforehand.

Glutamine supplements are powdered or in the form of capsules. They should be taken according to the indications of each container.

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5 August, 2021

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