Muscular atrophy medicinal plant remedies

Herbal home remedies for muscular atrophy


Phytotherapy: Herbal remedies to treat muscular atrophy

The main function of the phytotherapy consists in using those plants that are intended to stimulate the muscles

Internal use preparations for muscular atrophy

  • Willow: (Salix sp.) By its content in salicine, principle of aspirin. (Decoction of a tiny amount (2 gr.) of the dry crust per water glass. Take two or three cups per day. Children of 4 to 10 years, half of dose) Not to take in case of allergy to aspirin. A prolonged use can cause stomach irritation.

External use plant remedies for muscular atrophy

Arnica ointment is used to treat muscular atrophy
  • Arnica: (Arnica montana) Application of a lotion on the painful zone with arnica ointment.

  • Calendula (Calendula arvensis) Wild Wonder (Calendula officinalis) Compress prepared with calendula essence. Pour 35 grams of marigold flowers. In one liter of alcohol at 45 degrees. Let it rest for 15 days and apply with a wet gauze on the area.

  • Shepherd's purse (Capsella Bursa-pastoris) Application of a lotion on the painful area with oil of this plant.

  • Comfrey: (Symphytum officinale) Application of a lotion on the painful area with ointment of comfrey.

  • Wild thyme (Thymus serpyllum), thyme (thymus vulgaris) Application of a lotion on the painful area with oil of these plants.


Food for muscles

A rich vegetable diet, especially with foods that contain magnesium and silicon helps to maintain muscles and tendons in good condition:

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