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Are all type of teas equally stimulating?

Tea itself  is made from a plant (Camellia sinensis)  that contains caffeine , so it has to be somewhat stimulating. There are many types of teas, since this drink is being elaborated for millennia.

During this time, teas with very little stimulant properties have been produced. Some types of teas have up to 5 times less caffeine than coffee.

Which tea is recommended for people sensitive to caffeine?

Relaxing tea to sleep
Relaxing tea to sleep

It is recommended that people sensitive to the effects of caffeine do not take tea to relax as it can cause them nervous excitement. In these cases we recommend:

  • Rooibos: This is a plant of South African origin (not made from the tea plant) that does not contain caffeine, which has no stimulating action on the nervous system. It has digestive properties and it is rich in magnesium, which helps achieve muscle relaxation and prevents insomnia. Hot Rooibos infusion is suitable to help you relax.

Relaxant types of teas

Among the little stimulant low -caffeine tea types, we recommend:

  • Pai Mu Tan White Tea: This tea is the most low in caffeine, with antioxidants and minerals that make it suitable when there is anxiety or stress. It also provides the highest doses of the amino acid theanine, with soothing properties.
  • Green teas from Japan are called ryokucha. They are made from old branches and leaves of tea, being low in caffeine and rich in alkalizing and tonifying minerals for the body. These teas are:
    • Bancha Tea: It is made of leaves left over from the first harvest and buds from late autumn . Due to its content in old leaves and stems, this tea is very rich in minerals, especially magnesium, calcium, potassium and fluorine. It helps replace electrolytes and minerals from the body without causing nervous excitement.
      It is highly recommended for sagging moods, mild depression and physical fatigue. In Japan, this drink is given to children and the elderly because it contains very little caffeine.
    • Three years Kukicha Tea: Tea Kukicha is one of the less caffeine teas that exist, so that its effects are tonics and not exciting. Similar to Bancha tea, it is made with the older leaves and stems of the tea, being very rich in minerals and with similar properties.
    • Genmaicha Tea: This is a very peculiar type of tea, a blend of tea and rice with a very low caffeine intake as it contains little tea, and this is low in caffeine. Its energetic properties are due to the roasted rice, which permeates all its flavor to the drink. Restorative and tonic, it has been drunk by monks and people during religious fasts.

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21 February, 2024

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