Bitter food list

Main bitter foods


The main bitter foods are:

- Chicory

- Chard

- Endive

- Artichokes

- Cress

- Broccoli

- Thistles

- Cabbage

- Brussels sprouts

- Cauliflower

- Chayotes

- Pak choi (A variant of cabbage)

- Asparagus

- Lettuce

- Rocket

- Leaves of rhubarb

- Rutabaga (Swedes)

- Tomatoes

- Dandelion

- Tender leaves of milk thistle

- Mustard from China

- Uncured olives

- Cucumbers

- Pumpkins

- Courgettes

- Melons

- Many mushrooms

- Bitter Melon

- Lemon juice

- Grapefruit juice

List of bitter taste drinks

The main bitter drinks are:

- Beer, for their content in hops.

- Wine

- Coffee

- Tonic water, because it contains quinine.

- Sugar-free dark chocolate

- Gentian spirit

- Juniper gentian spirit

- Wine of gentian

- Gentian liquor

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