Purple foods are relaxing and antibacterial

Curative properties of purple color foods


Purple colors for your sight

Fotografía de cerezas
Photo of cherries

Purple food is rich in one type of flavonoids called anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins are red pigments very intense, and even purple or blue, which have properties to restore the health of capillaries.

This is a very interesting color food group to prevent deterioration of your eyes health.

Because of its low sugar content, they can be taken by people with Diabetes.

Effects of purple color food

Blue or purple is associated with calming and relaxing. It is also very helpful to fight allergies because it contains routine.

They also have a prominent role to the urinary system, because they have antibacterial properties that help treat cystitis or urinary tract infections.

Suitable for people with eye strain because they spend many hours in front of a screen, conjunctivitis, cataracts or glaucoma.


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