List of food rich in phytosterols

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Main foods rich in phytosterols

The phytosterols content of food is not a value that is usually determined. The data in the following table are extracted from the observation of commercial products and from the official tables of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Table of the main phytosterols-rich food

The following list contains foods with many phytosterols in order of highest to lowest content and per 100g:

Amount of phytosterols in food (in mg per 100g)
Margarine “for cholesterol” * 9.060
Margarine “for cholesterol”Flora Pro Activ * 7.500
Drinking yogurt “for cholesterol” Danacol * * 2.000
Drinking yogurt “for cholesterol”  Benecol * 1.600
Rice bran oil 1.190
Sesame oil 865
Sesame (seeds) 534
Wheat germ oil 553
Dry sunflower seeds 534
Soy phytosterols supplement (1 capsule) 500
Safflower oil 444
Margarine ** 410
Shea oil 357
Cottonseed oil 324
Poppy seed oil 276
Almond oil 266
Apricot seed oil 266
Ground clove, spice 256
Refined soybean oil 250
Ground sage,spice 244
Olive oil 221
Raw pistachios 214
Peanut oil 207
Chips 181
Paprika,spice 175
Dry thyme, spice 163
Raw soybean 161
Roasted cashews 158
Fenugreek, spice 140
Roasted almonds 139
Hazelnuts 110
Peanut butter 102
Coconut oil 86
Mace, spice 73
Cooked soybean 50
Fresh rosemary, spice 44
Raw lettuce 38
Figs 38
Beet 25
Oranges 25
Asparagus 24
Brussels sprouts 24
Okra 24
Apricots 18
Cooked onions 18
Grapefruits 17
Bananas 16
Apples 12
Cherries 12
Strawberries 12
Egg, omelette 10
Melons 10
Peaches 10
Peppers, raw and cooked 10
Pears 8
Plums 7
Tomatoes, raw and ripe 6
Grapes 4
Watermelon 2

* Commercial products “for cholesterol” are those to which plant sterols are added and advertised in order to lower cholesterol levels. In the market you can find brands with different quantities of these components.

** Margarine are spreadable vegetable oils. Currently most margarines are made without trans fats.

Note: Phytosterols should not be confused with phytoestrogens.

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23 January, 2020

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