Food for chemotherapy

What to eat while doing chemotherapy and the end of the chemotherapy sessions

What should eat a patient undergoing chemotherapy?

Improve mood with food

Improving mood requires the body to have enough energy and nutrients. The best source of energy comes from cereals and tubers, that can be dressed with a healthy stream of olive oil accompanied by protein foods.

Foods rich in carbohydrates, besides provide, besides fiber (which helps improve intestinal flora and increase defences), B vitamins, which are energy functions and tones the nervous system. From this food group, we recommended:

- Rice: It is a food easy to take and usually good for digestion, especially in cases of diarrhea, nervous stomach, or abdominal pain. It brings energy and a good dose of vitamins.

White rice is better than brown. the latter one may cause flatulence in some people. Rice can be cooked in soup, cream, mashed, boiled take, etc.

- Garlic: Garlic is one of the most medicinal foods. It strengthens the arteries, improve circulation and help remove toxins from the body. (Eat boiled garlic, add the boiling water, or eat raw or canned garlic). People who can not tolerate garlic can get similar benefits from onions or radishes.

- Potatoes are highly recommended boiled or steamed. They can be mixed in all kinds of preparations (purees, salad, etc.).

Potatoes contain fermentable fiber and is rich in niacin (vitamin B3). As always, add olive oil to increase their profits.

- Sweet potato, sweet potato has the same properties as potatoes but with the added benefit of their carotenoids.

- Olive oil. It is It is very rich in vitamin E, adds calories to this diet and contains essential omega 3 fatty acids. You'd better choose extra virgin olive oil, or oil with low acidity (0.2 °).

- Protein-rich foods: Proteins provide us amino acids, which are essential to form new cells and neurotransmitters.

Reduce stress
Photograph of two people in a botanical garden. In treating cancer it is recommended to suppress stress.

For example, a food that provides proteins at each meal will help to form more serotonin, a neurotransmitter that improves mood and combats insomnia. These foods should be taken at each meal, and you have to add them in purees, creams or soups.

Patients under chemotherapy are recommended to take easily digestible proteins such as:

- White fish (low fat): hake, monkfish, fresh cod, bream, etc.

- White cooked egg (preferably boiled)

- Processed cheese, low-fat cheese, etc.

- Other options are: Slices of chicken, ham, gelatin desserts, shrimp tails, etc.

- Pasta, bread and other cereals: Bread rusks are very digestible (bread that is cooked under controlled temperature and has not come to burn, very digestive). Bread pulp, if tolerated, is also very suitable. "Egg pasta" is recommended, because it has more protein.

- Vegetable Beverages: Vegetable drinks constitute a good way to hydrate but also to obtain certain nutrients like protein. Organic soy drink is recommended, because it provides a certain amount of protein. Oats drink is also a good alternative. Rice drink is low in protein, but it is very appropriate when there is indigestion.

Turmeric to strengthen the body

Turmeric is one of the most recommended spices. It contains curcumin and curcuminoids, yellow pigments that are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective.

Scientific studies have shown that turmeric helps improve the health of the body and repair the damage caused by the medication.

Specifically, it could help correct the damage to the heart and kidneys caused by doxorubicinn from chemotherapy.

Food for fatigue

- Apples and pears: These are fruits make you feel better. Fruits are restorative and energy foods,because of their sugar content and because vitamin C helps fight fatigue.

- Pollen: Pollen is a nutritional supplement that increases appetite and helps you feel you posses more strength, energy and vigour. Moreover, these grains contain many carotenoids with antioxidant properties.

- Brewer's yeast: It provides B vitamins, minerals and proteins. It is a suitable supplement to prevent muscle loss and malnutrition. It can be taken in capsules or flakes.

- Fruit juices and smoothies: It is very convenient to take fruit juices or smoothies from fruit and vegetables throughout the day. These beverages and liquids, provide energy, minerals and many vitamins. Among the most suitable we have liquefied carrot and apple; carrot and pear or apple and pear. To these we can ad some pollen.

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