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Belly ache, abdominal pain or abdominal cramps are more or less strong episodes of pain that occur in the abdomen. More information

- Remedies for abdominal pain

- Diet for abdominal pain

- Abdominal pain in babies (See baby colic)


Acne is a skin disease that causes some skin disorders such as pimples, pustules or papules. Acne has its peak in adolescence, a period during which affects over 80% of individuals of both genders. In most cases it resolves spontaneously, being only an esthetic matter of concern which causes emotional problems among the youth population. In other cases, more serious inflammations occur that require medical intervention. More information.

- Acne remedies

- Acne diet

- Acne masks

- Acne greasy skin

- Acne scarring remedies


Aerophagia is the presence of gas in the digestive system. This is mainly introduced by means of food or because of digestive problems. Aerophagia is a major cause of flatulence. More information.

- Remedies for aerophagia


Human aging is the set of changes that occurs in the body leading to aging. Old age is considered the period of life that runs from the age of 65 on. Aging involves a number of changes, both physical and psychological, which worsen the physical and mental health of the ageing people. More information.

- Aging consequencies

- Aging treatment

- Remedies for aging

- Anti-aging diet

- Anti-aging supplements

- Elderly diseases


AIDS or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is a disease of infectious nature caused by a virus (Human Immunodeficiency Virus - HIV). It affects the immune system, which deteriorates the patient, who is very susceptible to infections and cancers. More information.

- AIDS symptoms

- AIDS prevention

- AIDS contagion

- Remedies or AIDS

- AIDS diet


Alcoholism is produced as the result of drinking too much during a period of time, whose duration will depend on the nature of the individual. More information.

- Alcohol as a drug

- Causes of alcoholism

- Consequences of alcoholism

- Natural treatment of alcoholism

- How to overcome alcoholism


An allergy is the excessive reaction of the organism to certain external substances. It takes place when cells in contact with the allergy-producing substance (allergen) produce histamine that causes the adverse reaction. More information.

- Types of allergies

- Allergy prevention

- Diet for allergy

- Plants that produce allergy


Pollen allergy is the overreaction of the body in contact with the pollen of plants that is in suspension during certain times of the year, while the plants carrying it are doing the process known as pollination. More information .


Altitude sickness is a disorder that occurs when people climb to high places without giving the body the time to adjust to the new altitude. This condition occurs from 2500 m. More information.

- Natural treatment of altitude sickness


Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, a mental illness characterized by memory loss and malfunctioning of the mind that prevents a normal life. In Alzheimer, the brain cells, especially those related to reasoning, learning and memory, degenerate. More information.

- Alzheimer treatment

- Home remedies for Alzheimer

- Alzheimer diet

- Natural cure for Alzheimer


Amenorrhea is the temporary lack of the menstruation. It is a disease in which there is a delay in menstruation.

- Natural treatment of amenorrhea


Amnesia is the inability to recall information or personal data. There are different types of memory loss: More information.

- Home remedies for amnesia

- Amnesia diet

- Vitamins and minerals for amnesia


Anemia is a blood disorder in which red blood cells are less in number or size than normal, have low hemoglobin, or show alterations that affect their operation. Any of these causes need to prevent the transport of oxygen to body cells and carbon dioxide from any cell to the lungs. More information.

- Remedies for anemia

- Diet for anemia

- Vitamins and minerals for anemia

- Iron deficiency anemia

- Megaloblastic anemia

- Macrocytic anemia

- Pernicious anemia


Angina pectoris or angina is chest pain caused when not enough blood supply is provided to the heart. More information.

- Remedies for angina pectoris

- Angina pectoris natural treatment

- Diets for angina pectoris


Nervous anorexia is an eating disorder characterized by a personal desire of not ingesting foods caused by a fear to increase weight which causes food rejection. As the disease progresses, the patient experiences a true lack of hunger. More information.

- Natural remedies for anorexia

- Tips to avoid anorexia

- Anorexia diet


Anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness or fear for a possible danger that may be based on true or imaginary reasons. Anxiety responds to personal causes and it usually has an undefined origin which is generally based on past unpleasant experiences that come back to mind presently. This is mainly what differentiates anxiety from fear, which is a personal reaction to a real and immediate danger. More information

- Remedies for anxiety

- Diet for anxiety

- Relaxing baths


Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix, a small pouch located at the beginning of the large intestine, which is known as blind. Appendicitis requires surgically removing of the appendix in order that it does not end up bursting and produces an infection of the abdomen, called peritonitis, which can have extreme consequences. More information

- Natural treatment of appendicitis


Aphonia is characterized by a complete or partial loss of voice. More information.

- Natural treatment of aphonia

- Aphonia remedies


Cardiac arrhythmias are disorders of the heart's normal rhythm. A normal heart beats at rest between 60 and 100 per minute with a throbbing rhythmic pace. This frequency can be increased with exercise, emotions, stress or the presence of some diseases. More information

- Natural treatment of arrhythmias


Arteriosclerosis is the loss of elasticity and the thickening of the arteries, making blood circulation more difficult. People with arteriosclerosis are more liable to suffer heart attacks, angina pectoris, strokes, an other coronary diseases. More information

- Remedies for arteriosclerosis

- Arteriosclerosis diet

- Prevent arteriosclerosis


Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease with an unpredictable course in which there is inflammation of the lower extremity joints, affecting other organs of the body such as bones, tendons, etc. More information.

- Home remedies for arthritis

- Arthritis pain relief

- Diets for arthritis

- Foods to avoid in arthritis diet


Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease characterized by a difficulty in the breathing, caused by a constipation of the bronchi that are inflamed and irritated. More information

- Natural treatment of asthma


Astigmatism is an eye disorder in which the person possessing it has a blurred, double or distorted vision both of near and distant objects. More information.

- Natural treatment of astigmatism


Atopic dermatitis is a recurrent inflammation of the skin. Produced by both external factors or by genetic factors. Atopic dermatitis appears at certain times of life to lie dormant for another, until it is reactivated. More information.

- Natural treatment of atopic dermatitis


They are a type of disorders in which the immune system attacks its own organs or tissues. This is produced by a wrong answer of the inmume system, thinking that proper parts of the human body are foreign elements that have invaded it. More information.

- Immune system characteristics

- Immune system boosters

- Immune system diet

- Immune system supplements

- Immune system vitamins

- Immune system disorders

- Lymphatic system


A baby colic is a crying spell that occurs primarily in similar times during the day or during the night, implying a total crying time of a minimum of 3 hours per day. It usually corresponds to mild stomach problems producing a more or less strong pain in the abdomen. More information

- Remedies for baby colics


Backache are unpleasant sensations that are located in the back, which limit our activities to the extent that one may become paralyzed. It is one of the main causes of pain in the world. More information.

- Home remedies for backache

- How to relieve backache


Halitosis or bad breath is the bad scent of mouth. It is a problem that affects many people and which constitutes a very great reason for preoccupation since it supposes a limit in the personal and work relations. More information.

- Natural remedies for bad breath

- Tips to avoid bad breath

- Bad breath diet


Body odor is the result of higher amount of micro-organisms. To prevent the conditions that are responsible for the proliferation of microorganisms we would have to consider some rules. More information


Bags under the eyes are alterations in the coloring of the skin under the eyes which makes them appear darker in color than normal. They are also known as dark circles or eyes circles. More information.

- Prevention of eye circles

- Diet for bags under the eyes

- Remedies for dark circles

- Creams for eye circles


Baldness, hair loss, or alopecia is produced by the fall of one's hair and its inability to renew, so that the scalp becomes partly or completely devoid of it. More information.

- Make your hair grow

- Baldness remedies

- Baldness diet

- Natural shampoos


Biliary colic, gallbladder colic or cholecystitis occurs primarily when a gallstone leaves the gallbladder and moves to the bile ducts. This may present no symptoms or produce painful episodes which are known as biliary colic. More information.

- Home remedies for biliary colic

- Oxalate content of foods.


Blackheads are solid elevations of the skin, of reddish color. They are one of the most important manifestations of the acne. Usually, they cure spontaneously. More information

- Remedies for blackeads


Black eyes (Periorbital hematoma) are violet-colored bruisings that appear around the eyes. This type of injury uses to cure by its own. When it does not, you should consult your doctor. . More information.

- Black eyes prevention and treatment

- Black eyes remedies


Sometimes nails present unusual colors. Black or purple nails are those that exhibit this color usually as a result of a blow. Fingernails often indicate a poor blood circulation. Pale nails also tend to indicate a circulatory problem or anemia. Very red nails often indicate a problem of hypertension. More information.

- Remedies for black, bluish, pale or very red nails


Gums that usually bleed, specially after eating. More information

- Natural treatment of bleeding gums


Blisters in the feet or hands are skin vesicles filled with fluid. More information

- Natural treatment of blisters


Blood clots are blood masses produced by the body to stop bleeding in the wall of a blood vessel. Blood clotting is a necessary process to prevent the body from losing too much blood. More information.

- Blood clots natural treatment

- Blood clots diet


Body odor, specially from feet , armpits and genitals is a very annoying odor caused primarily by the action of microorganisms that take advantage of environmental conditions of the feet, armpits and genitalia to develop in them. These body parts are those that have a lot more sweat glands. Buildup of sweat produced by the development of many bacteria, whose metabolism follows a series of gases that are responsible for the odor. More information.

- Natural deodorants

- Remedies for bad smell in armpits

- Natural antiperspirants

- Tips to avoid bad smell


A brain hemorrhage, known scientifically as intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH), is a discharge of blood in the brain caused by the rupture of an artery in it. This is what is also known as cerebral hemorrhage. Cerebral hemorrhages are more harmful than strokes. More information.


Breast cancer is a cancer that affects the cells of the breast, making them grow in an uncontrolled way. It is a disease that affects mainly women, from 50 years old onwards. It is a type of cancer that, in addition to destroying the tissues of the breast, can spread throughout the body via blood or lymph, and can produce a metastasis in any other parts of the body. It is the leading cause of death among women between 45 and 55 years old. More information.

- Natural treatment for breast cancer

- Breast cancer diet

- Vitamins and minerals for breast cancer


Breastfeeding is the feeding process of the babies with breast milk directly from female human breasts. Breastfeeding properly begins when the mother's breast milk produced after birth. More information.

- Advantages of breast milk

- How to increase breast milk

- Breastfeeding tips

- Breastfeeding diet


Inflammation of the breasts or breast swelling refers to any pain, sensitivity or strange feeling in the breast different from what is normal. It also receives the names of mastalgia or breast pain. More information.

- Natural treatment of breast swelling

- Breast swelling diet


The lumps in the breast or breast lumps are non cancerous lumps that develop in breasts tissue. They may be painful or painless and have very different sizes. More information.

- Remedies for breast lumps


Brittle nails are those that are easily broken or opened ahead. Generally they have very little thickness and strength so that, when working, they often break or wear out easily. More information.

- Remedies for brittle nails


Bronchitis is a condition where the mucous membranes of the bronchial tree appear inflamed. The bronchial tree are the tubes that carry air into the lungs. More information.

- Remedies for bronchitis


A hematoma or ecchymosis, also called colloquially bruise, is a change in the coloration of the skin accompanied by a sensation of pain, caused by a rupture of a blood vessel in the underlying tissues. More information

- Remedies for bruises


Bruxism is an alteration of the mouth that consists on exerting too much pressure or grinding the teeth without noticing it. More information.

- Remedies for bruxism

- How to relax your teeth and jaws


Symdrome of Budd-Chiari or obstruction of the hepatic vein occurs when, for any given reason, the vein that carries blood away from the liver is clogged. More information.


Bulimia is an eating disorder characterized by a personal desire to eat compulsively followed by the need to eliminate the ingested through different procedures (vomits, fasting, continued and very hard physical activity, etc). The base of this psychological problem is based on the desire of not getting fat. More information.

- Remedies for bulimia

- Diet for bulimia


Burns are injuries caused by heat, chemicals, abrasion, electricity, radiation, solar radiation or hot objects.
Burns are the most severe attacks to the skin. They can affect not only to this body but to the tissues or organs found underneath the skin. More information.

- Burns first aid

- Remedies for burns


Bursitis are inflammations of the synovial sacs, which are bags containing the lubricant of the joints. More information.

- Remedies for bursitis

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