Fibromyalgia vegetarian recipes

Vegetable food for fibromyalgia


How should recipes for fibromyalgia be?

In general, the recipes for fibromyalgia are intended to be:

  • Easy to cook: To avoid fatigue, you can use frozen vegetables that have already been peeled, buy vegetables that have already been cooked, canned vegetables, sliced ​​vegetables (section of supermarket fridge), etc.

  • Very rich in magnesium: It is recommended to eat main dishes based on potato, sweet potato, legumes (lentils, chickpeas, etc.), or quinoa because they contain much more magnesium than pasta or rice.

  • Rich in vitamin C: Try that in each meal of the day there is a contribution of vitamin C, in the form of fruit, for example, or by dressing the salads with lemon squeezed or with pepper in the salads (The peppers are very rich in vitamin C).

  • In case of constipation, take bifidus yogurt with linseed, chia seeds, or a piece of quince (they provide fiber)

  • A planned diet: It is recommended to plan the weekly diet to make it easier to carry out the diet.

List of recipes for fibromyalgia

vegetarian lentils
Vegetarian lentils

potato salad
Potato salad with watercress

(can be replaced by canons or similar)

Tomato seasoned with garlic, parsley and sesame
Tomato seasoned with garlic, parsley and sesame


Quinoa with basil
Quinoa with basil

albaked artichokes
Baked artichokes

scrambled eggs with vegetables
Scrambled eggs with vegetables

Chickpeas salad
Chickpeas salad

A salad very rich in vitamin C
A salad rich in vitamin C

Escalivada recipe

Steamed asparagus
Steamed asparagus

green salad with cheese, tomato and linseed
Green salad with cheese, tomato and linseed

Salad with a lot of vitamin C
Salad with a lot of vitamin C

depurative salad
Depurative salad

pears cooked with cinnamon
Pears cooked with cinnamon


Sending the recipe description
and the photo to :

steamed broccoli
Steamed broccoli

Roasted peppers
Roasted peppers

Green beans with potatoes and carrots
Green beans with potatoes and carrots

cabbage with potatoes
Cabbage with potatoes

Rice with vegetables
Rice with vegetables

baked sweet potatoes
Roasted sweet potatoes

Tricolor salad
Tricolor salad

baked apple
Baked apple

punto rojo More information on fibromyalgia.


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