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Lemon recipes

How to use lemon in the kitchen

List of dishes prepared with lemon

Among the many recipes with lemon, we can mention the following:

- Baked artichokes with lemon

- Rice water with lemon peel

- Barley water with lemon peel

- Rice with milk and lemon

- Broccoli salad with lemon juice

- Chocolate cake with lemon

- Thistles with lemon

- Mushrooms with aromatic herbs and lemon

- Mushrooms with lemon

- Cream of pears with ginger and lemon

- Seaweed salad garnished with lemon

- Figs salad with lemon

- Grape salad with lemon juice

- Buckwheat porridge with orange, lemon and cinnamon

- Rye crackers with lemon zest

- Persimmon gelatin with lemon

- Currants with lemon rind

- Lemon and honey syrup for cough

- Bitter orange jam with lemon zest

- Lemon-scented coffee mousse

- Red fruits mousse with cream and lemon

- "Palanqueta" with lemon

- Recipe for "panellets"

- "Toffunesa" with lemon

- Avocado toast with lemon juice

- Cassava with lemon

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- Lemon juice properties

- Is lemon alkaline or acidic?

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- Lemon on an empty stomach

- Infusion of lemon and honey

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