Good foods for migraine

Foods that do not have histamine and that do not produce migraines

Suitable foods for migraine

Foods recommended in episodes of migraine are all those that provide energy and nutrients interesting for the brain, as well as plant principles (phytochemicals) to stimulate the detoxification of the organism and accelerate the elimination of toxins that cause migraine.

Suitable foods to eat in migraine attacks.

Suitable foods to eat in migraine attacks.

When choosing which foods are most suitable for people with migraine, it is taken into account that the foods are low in histamine and do not block the DAO enzyme, to avoid the accumulation of histamine, which is one of the main causes of migraine. All this is based on the dietary theory of migraine due to DAO deficit.

What can people with migraine eat?

Migraine diet consists of a normal healthy eating plan, in which vegetables, legumes, fruits and nuts should be promoted; and diminish products that are harmful to health, such as junk food, fried foods, processed meat, chocolates, etc. In addition, there is a list of prohibited foods, which are those that contain more histamine.

List of recommended foods for migraine

Throughout this article you will find all this information, with examples of menus included. Below is a summary list of recommended foods for migraine:

  • Tubers and grains: They contain starch with energetic, nutritive, prebiotic properties (for the intestinal flora, great producers of serotonin, good for the brain): potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, cassava, mashed potatoes, prebiotic potatoes, etc.
  • Vegetables: Almost all vegetables are suitable, which can be taken, for example, in the form of a cream of carrots, grated carrot salad, salads, boiled vegetables, etc.
  • Fruits: All are adequate, except citrus fruits and kiwi (it means that they should not be eaten in migraine attacks, but neither should they always be eliminated from the diet)
  • Eggs: The egg is an excellent and recommended source of protein for its high nutritional value and its low content of histamine. Cooking at adequate temperatures, do not fry. You should not worry about the cholesterol issue.
  • Virgin oil (not refined): It is healthy and does not contain histamine.
  • Meats: The most appropriate are white meats and poultry, such as chicken.
  • Fish: Frozen and fresh fish is very suitable, but fish preserves (canned tuna) and oily fish should be eliminated due to the presence of histamine.
  • Dairy: They are rich in histamine and its consumption is not recommended. The richest in histamine are cured cheeses, like Manchego cheese, goat cheese, cabrales cheese, pecorino cheese, emmental cheese, Gruyêre cheese, Roquefort cheese, etc. Yogurt, bifidus yogurt and kefir contain histamine, although in less quantity than milk. All dairy products are best avoided in case of severe migraines and left for more sporadic consumption, at least temporarily.

List of ADEQUATE foods for migraine

Foods that can be consumed in a migraine diet are detailed in depth in the following list.

Food groupADEQUATE food in migraine diet

(DAO enzyme deficiency)

fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables

  • Green leaf vegetables: lettuce, borage, dandelion
  • Cruciferous: radishes, cabbage (cabbage), kale, cauliflower, broccoli, etc.
  • Boiled vegetables: peas, carrots, green beans
  • Other vegetables: asparagus, etc.
  • Fruits, except those not recommended.

* According to tolerance, in moderation: avocado, eggplant, spinach, tomato and tomato sauce, courgettes (Italian squash), pumpkin , cucumber, chayote



  • White meat: chicken, turkey, rabbit.
  • Red meat: veal or beef, pork, horse, etc. (occasional consumption of red meat is recommended)

* Excluded from this group are processed meats, which are not adequate: chicken sausages, chicken burger, etc.

Fish and shellfish

Fish and shellfish

  • White fish: sea bass, monkfish, hake, cod, grouper fish , sea bream, perch, sole fish, etc.
  • According to tolerance, cephalopods: cuttlefish, squid, octopus, …


  • Egg: Omelet, scrambled eggs, etc


The daily consumption of various dairy products in people with migraine problems due to DAO deficiency is not recommended, and they are prohibited during migraine episodes. It is preferable to use substitutes such as vegetable drinks with calcium.

Moderately (according to tolerance), you can consume dairy with little histamine, which are:

  • Fermented dairy products: yogurt, kefir
  • Milk (preferably yogurt or kefir before milk)
  • Fresh cheeses

Legumes, cereals, seeds and nuts

tubers potatoes

Tubers and tuberous roots


Sweets and special occasions

Without histamine:

* According to tolerance (little histamine): chocolate dolls, fruit and chocolate skewers, guacamole, beet hummus (little tahini)




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This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
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9 January, 2023

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