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Medicinal Plants Properties


The curative properties of medicinal herbs:

Natural Food Properties

fruit of the market

Learning to know the properties and nutritional value of food.

Natural Supplements

nutritional beer yeast in flakes

Food additives for a better health and welfare:

Nutrition Articles

Olive Oil

Information on how to combine foods for a healthier life.

Home Remedies and Natural Medicine


Healing with herbs and other remedies for more than 200 aliments. See Home Remedies Searcher or the most searched categories:


- Acne

- Corns

- Scars

- Eczema

- Psoriasis

- Warts

Bones and joints

- Arthritis

- Osteoarthritis

- Osteoporosis


- Hypertension

- Tired feet

- Varices


- Constipation

- Hemorrhoids

- Laxative

Online Gardering

Garden with vegetables

Caring for garden plants, growing ornamental plants, etc..

Educational Activities

Nutrition for kids

Nutrition for children New!

What are the nutrients? What are the food properties? Children menus

Index of nutrition

Nature animations

Animations related with science

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Plant parts

Plant activities for children

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Coloring pages of Flowers

How to draw flowers and plants. Printing and coloring pages for children

Drawing flowers

Vegetarian recipes

Vegetarian recipes

Learn how to cook just with vegetal natural food your favorites dishes and know their properties:

List of all recipes

Publish your writtings

Publish your work on the web. Find and share your knowledge with others:



Macrophotography in plants and nature

Passionflower picture

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